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The “NEW LIVE” philosophy is to contribute to the autonomy and freedom of people with reduced mobility to improve their social life and their participation as active citizens.

In fact, for reasons relating often to the lack of appropriate equipment, many disabled people live in an institutional environment a long way from their family.

New Live was created by Mr. Michel OHRUH to address the problems of his disabled daughter Mégane, who because of inadequate treatment at the IEM (Motor Education Institute) lost her ability to walk and to reach out to other people.

Mégane’s desire for freedom and her needs drove the research conducted by Mr. OHRUH and were the source of the project to design a compact wheelchair, able to clear sidewalks while being fun and versatile.

Motorized Wheelchair created for Mégane

“The desire to create this chair came to me while watching my daughter grow up differently than the other children after a serious accident. Her thirst for freedom left her frustrated with traditional wheelchairs and put her in danger when it came to steep sidewalk curbs.

Megane dreamed of a magical chair capable of climbing sidewalks, that was also compact and multifunctional. She wanted to be able to follow and play with her classmates with security but also in a discreet and fashionable chair that would not attract the stares of others.”

Michel OHRUH, inventor of The Magix

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