About us

The handicap in our family

New Live is above all a family history

Mégane’s desire for freedom and her needs drove the research conducted by Mr. OHRUH and were the source of the project to design a compact wheelchair, able to clear sidewalks while being fun and versatile.

When the unsuitability of the environment creates the handicap … The story of the holidays of Megane and the birth of Magix

Mégane had an accident at the age of 3 that left her paralyzed. Mr. Ohruh’s family used to spend a week on a ski resort. As long as Mégane was small, she was in a luge, which was not a problem.

On the other hand, when she grew up, she found herself stuck because there was no way to advance the chair in the snow. For Mr. Ohruh, it was inconceivable to prevent Mégane of ski holidays. He had promised his daughter to create a suitable chair.

The idea of the Magix was born.

A big thank you to Christophe Dehlinger for his work of theoretical validation of the efforts of the components of the Magix.

The whole family helped to find a logo and a color for New Live

This is Mégane’s favorite color and the chair was for her.

Everyone participated. The three wheels are identified in the logo. Part of the name represents a person in the chair. The editing was done by Michel Ohruh.

Michel Ohruh and his career

From carpentry to technological and social innovation

Mr. Ohruh begins his career by following an internship in carpentry at University.
He stays in this small family business for 7 years.
Wanting to improve his skills in more modern work methods and on a larger scale, he joined a carpentry company in Germany. He practices the profession of numerical control driver. He works there for 6 years.

Following this experience, he changed employers to join a large carpentry company (still in Germany). He is employed as a technical manager. He improves himself in CAD-CAD. This experience lasts 3 years.

In 1997, he became a carpenter, on his own, specializing in wood/metal stairs.
At the end of 2009, in parallel with carpentry, he created the New Live Company.

The Magix represents the determination of a father so that the situation does not happen again and that other people with reduced mobility do not live the same story.