Crowdsourcing electric wheelchair New Live

As promised, 2021 is a year full of surprises at NEW LIVE. We are in the process of creating the future model of electric wheelchair in our workshop in Alsace. But we don't want to create it alone.

Designing medical equipment that meets the needs of mobility and ergonomics is one thing. Designing a model of electric wheelchair with attractive design and colors, enhancing and differentiating, is another.

At NEW LIVE we do both with the Magix, and we will continue with the future model !!

Because users are at the center of our concerns and their satisfaction is our raison d'être, we mobilize the New Live community to select the colors of tomorrow's chair.

Launched since last week on our social networks, our crowdsourcing campaign has received a great welcome from the Internet users who play the game and vote for their favorite colors.

Creating chairs at the cutting edge of technology, which thanks to their aspects and colors really match all the expectations of users is our will, and we continue to work on it every day at your side.

Would you like to bring a touch of your creativity in the choice of future colors? The link to the survey is right here

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